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Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
100 Who Give
Aaron Michael Cox Memorial Scholarship
A Childrens Theatre of Mesilla Valley Fund
Acton Community Fund
African American Historical Research Fund
Alamogordo Breakfast Club Scholarship
Albert & Mabel H. Burris Endowment Fund
Albertsons Food Center Endowment Fund
Alexis Elle Scholarship
Alfred P. Corral Endowment Fund
All Together New Mexico
Amador Health Clinic Fund
Amy & Mark Buesing Fund
Amy Seligmann Buesing Fund
Anderson Carter II Operations Endowment Fund
Anna-Marie Aldaz Scholarship
Anne Lydick Endowment Fund
AppleTree Fund
Aprendamos Scholarship Fund
Asombro Institute for Science Education Endowment Fund
Bank of America Endowment Fund
Bank of the West Endowment Fund
Barbara Funkhouser Endowment Fund
Barry McClure Memorial Scholarship
Bernard & Marjory Balthazor Endowment Fund
Big Brothers/ Big Sisters of SNM
Bill and Renee Cupit Fund
Bill and Wanda Mattiace Fund
Bob and Olivia Ogas Endowment Fund
Boys and Girls Club Fund
Bradbury Stamm Endowment Fund
Bradley Memorial Endowment Fund
Bruce and Carole Coryell Endowment Fund
Butler McGrath Fund
Carl & Toshi Nakayama Endowment Fund
Carol Ann Clark Dance Fund
Carol Troeller Second Chance Scholarship
Casa de Peregrinos Fund
Catherine Joyce Webb Scholarship
CFSNM Board Designated
CFSNM Operating
CFSNM Operations Fund
CFSNM Scholarship
CFSNM Suspense Fund 1
Charles & Elma Beer Fund
Children's Miracle Network Fund
Chisholm's Fund
Citizens Bank of Las Cruces Fund
Citizens Bank Operations Fund
C.J. Wagner Fund
Claud and Avalene Tharp Memorial Fund
Cloudcroft Community Group Scholarship
Colonias Development Council Fund
Community Action Agency Fund
Compass Bank Fund
Connie & Terry Moss Fund
Conniff and Gormley Fun
Covarrubias Family Foundation Fund
Cupit Fund
David Diaz Music From the Heart Fund
David Salopek Memorial Fund
Dekker/Perich/Sabatini Fund
Devasthali Family Foundation
Dona Ana Arts Council Fund
Dona Ana County Humane Society
Dona Ana Wellness Institute
Donald H and Patricia C McCoy Fund
Doris Clemons Davis Fund
Dr. Larry D. Morgan Fund
Dr. Marco A. Duarte Fund
Dr. Robert Palmer Luna County Scholarship
El Caldito Fund
El Paso Electric Fund for Casa de Peregrinos
El Refugio Fund
Emerson M. and Margaret W. Barron Fund
Envision Fund SNM
Esther R. and Donald C. Roush Endowment Fund
Etta Kaufman Endowment Fund
Eugene & Mable Wemlinger Endowment Fund
Federal Probation and Pretrial Officer Benevolence Fund
First American Bank Endowment Fund
First Community Bank & Friends Endowment Fund
First Presbyterian Church Endowment Fund
First Responders Memorial Fund
Flavio V. Galban Memorial Fund
Flickinger Center for the Arts Fund
Forch E. Atkinson Scholarship Fund
Foundation for Las Cruces Museums Fund
Friends of the Las Cruces Parks
From the Heart Fund
Ft. Bliss Federal Credit Union Endowment Fund
Gavin James Pierce Memorial Endowment for First Step Center Fund
Good Neighbor Fund
Good Samaritan-Las Cruces Village Endowment Fund
Harold Cousland Fund for Young Journalists
Hazel Hutchcroft Memorial Endowment Fund
Healing House Fund
Hearts for Autism Fund
Henderson Baker Memorial Endowment Fund
High Desert Hospice Charity Fund
Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Human systems Research, Inc. Fund
Imagination Library of Grant County Fund
Jardin de los Ninos Fund
Jessica Renee Findley Memorial Endowment Fund
Jo Graves Endowment Fund
Johanna Koester Heine Endowment Fund
John Hilton Lyman M. Endowment Fund
John Myers Memorial Fund Endowment Fund
John & Winifred Ikard Memorial Endowment Fund
Jon Wynne Endowment Fund
Judith Shelton-Gibson Endowment Fund
JuJu Smiles
Junior League of Las Cruces Fund
Keith and Kathy Austin Endowment in Memory of Mary Ana Austin Fund
Keith and Luan Wagner Burn Endowment Fund
Kevin T. Riedel Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
Kiwanis Club of Las Cruces Endowment Fund
La Casa Fund
La Pinon Sexual Assault Recovery Fund
Las Cruces AquaticClub Fund
Las Cruces Arts Association Fund
Las Cruces Gospel Rescue Mission Fund
Las Cruces Optimist Clubs
Las Cruces Palliative Care Coaltion
Las Cruces Volunteer & Giving Day
Maternal/Infant Unit Endowment Fund
Mayor's 5-2-1-0 Fitness & Nutrition Special Projects Fund
Mayor's 5-2-1-0 Fund
Mesilla Valley CASA Fund
Mesilla Valley Community of Hope Fund
Mesilla Valley Habitat for Humanity Fund
Mesilla Valley Hospice Fund
Mesilla Valley Youth Foundation Fund
Miscellaneous Donations
Miss New Mexico Teen USA Endowment Fund
Mountains Fund Endowment
MountainView Regional Medical Center Endowment Fund
Nakayama Family Endowment Fund
Nancy Huntley Endowment Fund
New Mexico School for the Blind and Visually Impaired Foundation Fund
NMSBVI Eye Glass Fund
NMSU Alamogordo Foundation
NMSU Sigma Nu Memorial Scholarship Endowment in Memory of Eddie Jaramillo Fund
Nonprofit Emergency Fund
O. J. Contreras Memorial Endowment Fund
Over The Rainbow Fund
Patsy A. Duran Endowment Fund (2)
Patsy A. Duran Fund
Remington Sale Fund
Residency Program Endowment Fund
Richard & Anne Markman Charitable & Scholarship Fund
Richard & Nancy Gregory Endowment Fund
Ronald Bourne Tipton Designated Endowed Fund
Ronald Bourne Tipton Public Radio Designated Endowed Fund
Rotary Club of Las Cruces Endowment Fund
Rotary Club of Las Cruces Endowment Fund
Russell E. and Frankie D. Clemons Endowment Fund
Ruth Endowment Fund
Salvation Army of Las Cruces Fund
Sister Myrtle Keller Endowment Fund
SNM Down Syndrome Families Scholarship
SpringBoard! Fund
Spring BOARD! Operations Fund
Spring Fund Endowment Fund
Stahmann Farms Endowment Fund
Stan and Jeanne Hanssen Endowment Fund
Sunspot Solar Mellow & Janet Honek Endowment Scholarship Fund
Susan Coe Brown Nature Endowment
SWCA Golf Tournament
Sweetser Challenge Funds
Terry & Maryellen Kebbel Family Endowed DAF Fund
Terry W. Horton Memorial Endowment Fund
Thank You Las Cruces Fund
The Alamogordo Music Theatre Fund
The Aprendamos Resilient Leaders Fund
The Bridge of SNM Fund
The Governor Richardson, Lopez, Olmos, Trejo COVID-19 Emergency Fund for the Southern Colonias of Doña Ana County Fund
Together Las Cruces
Together Las Cruces- CLC
Tom and Donna Tate Endowment Donor Advised Fund
United Way of SNM Fund
Vescovo Toyota Endowed Donor Advised Fund
Village at Northrise Endowment Fund
V & N Arnold 1st Step Endowment Fund
Wellness Fund
Wells Fargo Bank Endowment #8063 Fund
Wells Fargo Bank Endowment #8067 Fund
WesternSky Community Care Micro-Grant Fund
White Sands Federal Credit Union Endowment Fund
Willis & Janet Endean Endowment Fund
WK Kellogg Foundation Fund - Community Impact
Women's Intercultural Center Fund
You Fund
Young Executive Forum Endowment Fund
Zachary Adam Giordan-Lascari Memorial Scholarship Fund
Zachary Eiland Lansford Endowment Fund
Zia Therapy Center, Inc. Fund
Zia Trust Endowment Fund